of “WORLD ATHLETICS” (IAAF) required sports facilities for indoor and outdoor facilities, as well as detailed planning of all necessary built-in sports equipment.


of architects, builders or construction companies and clarification of issues in planning and construction of athletics sports facilities. Lectures at universities and public authorities, about  the construction of sports facilities.

Inspection / Certificates

Monitoring of all relevant work in the construction of sports facilities. Checking the quality of the certified sports floor systems. Processed calculation of quantities used. Examination and exhibition of “WORLD ATHLETICS” Measurement Reports.


Brokerage and sales of certified sports flooring systems and certified sports equipment, as well as specially designed materials and products for indoor and outdoor athletics facilities.

Line markings

Execution of surveying and line marking work for “WORLD ATHLETICS” certified athletics facilities.


Selection of different projects around the world, for all the work offered here.