Monitoring of all relevant work in the construction of sports facilities. Checking the quality of materials used and the certified sports floor systems. Processed calculation of quantities used. Examination and exhibition of  “WORLD ATHLETICS” Measurement Reports for obtaining an “WORLD ATHLETICS” Sports Facilities Certificate.

On behalf of the owner

Review of the layout documentation on IAAF suitability for a Construction Category and control of all construction work in accordance with bid document. Quality control of all used materials. Review of the construction site billing.

On behalf of the construction company

Control of site plans and detailed drawings, as well as inspection and control of the drainage system and drainage works. Supervision and review of the asphalt work and of the installation of sports flooring.

IAAF Measurement Report

Review of the sports facility in accordance with IAAF Measurement Report and issuance of all necessary documents.

In-situ Test for Synthetic Sports Surfaces

Review of the built-in sports floor covering according to the specifications of the IAAF.