IAAF certified control measurements

Preliminary investigation or inspection of the radius center points, the beginning and end points of the curve for determination of the actual length of the running track.

Inspection of Sports Facilities

Control measurements after completion of track line marking and line marking for various jumping and throwing disciplines. Calculation of measured values ​​for Starts, relay disciplines and hurdle positions of the running track.

Survey of the Running Track

Measurement of all international competition disciplines in accordance with the terms of the IAAF, as well as national disciplines according to the provisions of national Athletic Associations.

Lining of running tracks

Line marking of the track lines, as well as the run-ups for jumping and throwing disciplines with special marking paint.

Markings – international

Marking of all measured international Starting Lines, Relay Zones and Hurdle Positions.

Markings – national

Marking of all measured Starting Lines, Relay Zones and Hurdle Positions for the necessary national disciplines.